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Dear Readers - I'm Taking a Break

Hi, everyone. I guess you've read the title by now, which means I've got some explaining to do. As you may or may not know, I've been writing on this blog for somewhere around a year and a half now. In the beginning, I was very involved. I hadn't had an active blog for a few years, and the whole thing felt new again. I started out by writing book reviews on books I had recently read, and from there had time to finish other books and write reviews on them. And things were going well in the beginning. Even though Em dropped out after a short bit of time, I still kept this blog going. 

And then something happened. 

I just... started getting busier. I had less time to write posts and I had less books to review as I started reading less. I started to take these unannounced breaks where I'd just disappear for a bit. During those times I wasn't even sure myself when I'd come back to blogging, but I'd always come back at some point. Usually I'd be bored one night when I decided I'd give it a shot again, and I would end up writing two posts in a night. Sometimes guilt helped to coax me to start blogging again. Although looking back on it, I've realized that, even though those breaks did feel really long, I've actually only missed one month of not posting at all, which is quite something considering the number of disappearances I've made. 

Quite recently I made a big return to the blog. Even though we weren't (and still aren't) posting on our bookstagram page, I decided to pick up the blog again, and I just... ran with it. I officially changed the blog's description to a completely book-based one. And even though this limited how far I could go in terms of content, I was still able to consistently post for a few months, only missing a post here and there. 

But now I've started missing posts again. I missed one in September, and then I missed last Monday's post even though only a few days before I had made myself a goal to not miss a posting day this month. And I don't really know any other way to explain why I've been missing posts except for this:

I'm just feeling out of it. I can't bring myself to write a blog post. Maybe I wrote too much all of a sudden. Maybe I just can't blog consistently for too long. I got back into reading for a bit over two weeks. In that time I read four books, which I think is (sadly) more than what I read over my summer vacation. And yet now I can hardly get through a page of my current read. I also have lots of school work. It just keeps on adding up. But honestly, in the end, it all comes down to me just not being as interested in "bookish" things.

We haven't done bookstagram in months. I can't bring myself to write about bookish topics. I'm struggling to read a book. 

And I'm just so tired.

So I just think I need a break. A break so I can rest a bit and get my school work done and figure out what I want to do with this blog, because honestly? I'm not sure what I want to do at this point. If I want to broaden my subject for my content just a bit. If I want to adopt a looser posting schedule or if I even want to post at all anymore. 

I think I'll probably come crawling back at some point. But just not now.

At the least, I'm going to take a 17-day break, starting tomorrow, with the last day being the 2nd of November. I will post on the 3rd of November when my November monthly reflection should be publishing. I'll say what I plan to do then. 

Until then, goodbye. Keep on reading. (I'm sorry.)


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