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Movie Adaptations: The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle movie came out a little over a week ago, and, since I had read and enjoyed the book, I went to see the movie with some of my family on Tuesday. Now, while there was nothing wrong with the book itself, I was a little worried about seeing the movie. Why? Well, it didn't exactly get the best comments and reviews from others, people claiming that it didn't do the memoir justice. But, now it's been almost a week since I've watched it. What do I think of the movie? Well...

(Oh, and, uh...spoilers ahead. I think that goes without saying.)

Watching the MovieThe Beginning I don't know what it was, but something was just telling me that, oh no, this movie is going to be bad. I think it was just the way that they tried to include parts of the book in the movie. When it's in the book, spread out and flowing naturally with the good writing...? It makes sense, it seems real. But just something about the way that they were stringing together different parts o…
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Book Review: The Nightingale

Title: The Nightingale
Author: Kristin Hannah
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5 ★★★★★
Reviewer: Julia

If you know anything about books, I'm sure that you've heard of this one, Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale. It was popular on bookstagram around the time of its release and is actually the author's favorite book that she has written. It's so good that there's even going to be a movie adaptation that will be released a few days shy of the book's four-year anniversary. (So it's coming out in 2019. A bit of a wait; drats.) BUT, that does not mean that you should hold off reading this amazing book. Because you shouldn't. You should read it right now. Do you need some more reasons?

The Nightingale tells the story of two sisters in Nazi-occupied France. After a difficult childhood and years of healing and trying to forget, Vianne has to watch as her happy life is uprooted. Her husband leaves to fight in the war. The Nazis invade France and then even…

Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account - Losing Followers (Story)

Hey there, everyone. I realized that this series is called "Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account", even though I don't often post about my own experiences on bookstagram. Last time I tied in both our story and some helpful information to make a post, but today, I decided to specifically talk about something that is happening to us. The hopeful idea is that, by sharing my story with you, you can maybe learn and avoid some things and we can get to the bottom of this.

The bottom of what, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you...

So, as you know if you follow our bookstagram or read my last Navigating Bookstagram post, we were previously inactive on bookstagram. For a long...long...long...time. Before starting to post again on the 9th, we were inactive for a month. And before we posted those three pictures in late June to early August, we were inactive for another month before that. So, minus three pictures, we were pretty much inactive for tw…

Book Review: Jackaby

Title: Jackaby
Author: William Ritter
Genre: Mystery; Fantasy
Rating: 3 out of 5
Reviewer: Julia

Jackaby. By the name of the book, you might think that the main character would be the man named Jackaby. And, since I had not actually read the back cover enough to remember it (I got this book in a date with a blind book, mind you), I was pleasantly surprised to find, in the last sentence of the fourth paragraph, that my narrator was a young woman named Abigail Rook. A feminist, to add, even though she’s living in 19th Century America. The story follows her as she, a lost girl on the unfamiliar territory of New Fiddleham, searches for a place to stay and a job that’ll pay for her expenses. As it turns out, she meets the town’s controversial “detective” R. F. Jackaby and gets a job as his assistant. But Jackaby is no ordinary man, and sees supernatural things that others don’t see. As outrageous as it might seem to Abigail, she’ll have to get herself accustomed quickly, as her first case with …

All the Books I Own But Have Not Read (Part 2)

About one and a half weeks ago, I published the first part of this little two-part post, in which I listed 12 books that I own but have not read. Now it's time for me to list the other half of books that I have not read, and let me tell you this: the list is even longer than I thought.

In my last post, I said that I had around 23 or 24 books in total, and it turns out that I have 24 books in my collection that I have not read.

13. The Melted Coins by Franklin W. Dixon (The Hardy Boys series)
This is another book that I got from Em as a gift. It's a part of her tradition to give me a book on holidays or birthdays. So far, they're mostly old Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy books, but I did get one other book as I mentioned in part 1.

14. Crossed by Ally Condie
Crossed is the second book of the Matched trilogy that you may not have seen a bit around bookstagram. Or maybe you even read it or don't know about it at all. It's another one of your futuristic societies that's sec…

July 2017 Reflection

Now that July is over, it's time for our monthly reflection! July was both a good and bad month for Reading is Inevitable, when considering both the blog and bookstagram. If you are unfamiliar with my monthly reflections, then you can read my explanation below and/or check out the monthly reflections tag.

Basically, these monthly reflections are a way for me to reflect on what we have and have not accomplished for the past month in terms of Reading is Inevitable. I also begin planning for the month ahead, including writing new goals for myself based on what I would like to accomplish. They're a great way for me to continue growing and improving Reading is Inevitable.

Looking Back Into July The Blog Unlike last month, where I saw an increase in traffic to the blog (down by 45% because I didn't post much -- oh my!), pageviews actually increased. I'm happy to see that they're improving, having increased by about 77%! (Yay!) I also managed to post every Monday and Fri…

Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account - Inactivity

I'd like to use this post to discuss periods of inactivity on bookstagram, including what they are, how they happen, and what happens as a result of them, as well as a little story about our own, current state of inactivity.

Periods of inactivity. We all have them, right? Those days or maybe even weeks where you don't post anything. Whether it's because of a lack of time or inspiration, camera issues or personal issues, we all have them at some point. In fact, if you keep up with our bookstagram, you would know that we are actually in a state of inactivity right now.

A good amount of the time, periods of inactivity aren't planned. (Or at least that's the case with us.) They just happen because you're busy and don't have the time, or something sudden has happened. Sometimes, you just can't post one day and then the next, and so on and so on until, when you actually have the time to post, you're so "out of practice" that you simply choose t…