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March 2016 Reflection

Hello everyone! I've seen posts like these on other blogs, and decided to do one on here too! Some people call it a wrap-up for the month, others call it an overview, but here at Reading is Inevitable, we'll call it a reflection. Not only will I reflect on what has happened this March, but I will also give you all a sneak peek of what might come in April!


In a poll conducted from the 14th of March to the 20th, we asked you what you would like to see on our blog. This was the from the first week that we had actual content on our blog, so we wanted to know what you all liked. From this poll, we learned that a lot of you would like to see "art (pictures or tutorials)" on our blog. That is why art is the topic of this post!

Ever since an art project that I did in elementary school, I have enjoyed doodling with abstract shapes and lines. I would create sections with sweeping curves or straight lines and then think of a pattern to put in each one. Almost a year ago, I attended a short drawing class (5 days). One day, the instructor introduced the class to a type of doodling that was new to me. I immediately liked it, perhaps as it is similar to the doodles I used to do, and have since not stopped to do it every now and then. What I am speaking of is Zentangle.

Book Review: Everything Everything

Title: Everything Everything
Author: Nicola Yoon
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Genre: YA realistic fiction/ romance
Reviewer: Em

Everything Everything. This amazing book's main character is Madeline, or Maddy, Whittier. She has a rare condition that keeps her inside all her life, because she will die if she comes in contact with the world. When a boy her age, Olly, moves in next door, her whole world changes for good.

Book Review: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Title: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
Author: Julia Alvarez
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5
Reviewer: Julia

The Los Angeles Times said that this book is "Simply wonderful." The Washington Post Book World stated that it is "Movingly told." And now I'm here to add to the large amount of praise for this book.

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents tells the story of the Garcia girls: four sisters, from oldest to youngest, named Carla, Sandra ("Sandi"), Yolanda ("Yo", "Yoyo", and "Joe"), and Sofia ("Fifi"). The Garcia Girls, as everyone refers to them, move to 1960 New York City when their father is discovered to have tried to overthrow the dictator of the Dominican Republic. When they do arrive at their new home, they are unhappy about how different life in the U.S. is compared to life in the Dominican Republic. However, they must face the truth that they cannot go back home, and that they must ad…

Book Review: Never Always Sometimes

Title: Never Always Sometimes
Author: Adi Alsaid
Genre: YA romance/ realistic fiction
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Reviewer: Em

"NEVER date your best friend. ALWAYS be original. SOMETIMES rules are meant to be broken."

The prologue of this book, (and I love prologues!), starts when Dave and Julia, the two main characters in the book, are about to start high school the next day. They make a Never List, so that they will not become high school clich├ęs. In the first chapter, it is March senior year, and they decide to break every single rule they have put on the list. But, secretly Dave has always liked Julia more than a best friend. . .

Book Review: In the Shadow of Man

Title: In the Shadow of Man
Author: Jane Goodall
Genre: Informational Nonfiction
Rating: 4 out of 5
Reviewer: Julia

Although this is one of Jane Goodall's earlier publications on her study of chimpanzees, and therefore is older, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Some people may stray away from this book because this is nonfiction, but I can say with confidence that those people are missing out on something great.


Welcome to Reading is Inevitable! This blog is run by two teens--Em and Julia--and will mainly be about books, but will also include posts about art, games, and whatever else comes up in our lives! Our first actual post will be posting tomorrow (it will be a book review!) and we would love for you all to check it out! We also have an Instagram page (@readingisinevitable) and an e-mail address (, so if you wish to contact us, please do so through one of those or through the comments section.

Now, we could just leave it at that, but we think that it would be nice for you to get to know us a bit more first!