Posting Schedule

Hello, everyone! I thought that it might be helpful for you to know my usual posting schedule so that you may successfully find new posts. 


*Note: This is the school posting schedule. More explained in Friday's post coming soon.

Monday: A post by Julia
  • every other Monday a post in the "Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account" series will be posted
First Friday of Each Month: Monthly Reflection

Below is what I'm planning to post soon and the days I plan to post them! 

Monday, 3/20: Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account - Pictures (Part 2)
Monday, 3/27: Two-Day Barnes & Noble Haul
Monday, 4/3: SFS


We will try to post at least one picture every day. Also, there will be updates and sneak peeks in Instagram stories. This might include pictures from a photoshoot, blogging updates or announcements, and/or a look into what we are reading.

(Our Instagram page is @readingisinevitable. Visit our Instagram through the Instagram website: