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Pride Month 2017 - Why Representation is Important

Hello everyone! How fitting it is that this year's anniversary of same-sex marriage being legalized in the U.S. falls on Monday, one of my posting days! (And if you didn't know that it was the two-year anniversary, well I guess you know now!) Last year I made a list of some good books with LGBTQ representation, and I will include a list at the end of this post, but to shake things up a bit I thought I'd quickly discuss why representation is important in the media, specifically in books. After all, this is a mainly bookish blog.

(If you would like to view last year's post, click here.)

First of all, what is representation? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's the inclusion of people with sexualities and/or genders outside of heterosexuality and the gender binary. It's having a gay character or a trans* character and showing readers that, "hey, LGBTQ people do exist" and "hey, not being cisgender or 'straight' is okay".


Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account - Feature Accounts

In my more recent Navigating Bookstagram posts, I discussed SFS's, one way that you can increase the amount of attention your page gets. But another really helpful way to do so is to get featured on a bookstagram feature account. I know, I know: it sounds impossible, but it's worth it.

A bookstagram feature account is exactly what it sounds like. It's an account that's sole purpose is to feature other bookstagrammer's work (I say other because, usually, these accounts are run by other bookstagrammers). There are a lot of accounts out there, and they pick pictures/accounts to feature based off of the pictures. Some accounts have certain themes such as outdoor pictures or flatlays. Accounts like these are not only a good way for you to get your content put out there, but also a great way for you to potentially find other accounts with content you like.

How to Participate Okay. So how do you get featured on one of these feature accounts? Usually there are instruction…