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Navigating Bookstagram - Stories & Tips From a Small(er?) Account - Feature Accounts

In my more recent Navigating Bookstagram posts, I discussed SFS's, one way that you can increase the amount of attention your page gets. But another really helpful way to do so is to get featured on a bookstagram feature account. I know, I know: it sounds impossible, but it's worth it.

A bookstagram feature account is exactly what it sounds like. It's an account that's sole purpose is to feature other bookstagrammer's work (I say other because, usually, these accounts are run by other bookstagrammers). There are a lot of accounts out there, and they pick pictures/accounts to feature based off of the pictures. Some accounts have certain themes such as outdoor pictures or flatlays. Accounts like these are not only a good way for you to get your content put out there, but also a great way for you to potentially find other accounts with content you like.

How to Participate

Okay. So how do you get featured on one of these feature accounts? Usually there are instructions in the bios of these accounts and sometimes under each post where they actually feature accounts. The most common way to give your post a chance at being featured is to tag it using the account's hashtag. Another alternative that is accepted by some (not all) accounts is by tagging the feature account in your post.

For the most part, when posting pictures, I will tag all of our content (emphasis on content, as in real content) with feature account hashtags. However, if the feature account has a certain theme to it, I will only tag the post with the hashtag if the post matches the theme. I think that that is the respectful and right thing to do. (Even if the admins of the account like your picture, they won't feature it if it doesn't match their theme.)

Tips and Tricks 

Some accounts, such as @bookstagramfeatures, sometimes post on their Instagram stories what kind of picture they're looking to feature next (ex. outdoor picture, sock sunday, etc.). If you ever see that a feature account has an Instagram story, I would recommend looking at it because, if it does include a theme or prompt for their next featured picture, then you could tag any of your pictures with that theme and therefore have an increased chance at being featured.

We have been featured several times on different feature accounts in the past. If you look below, you'll see some of the pictures that have gotten us a feature. Each bookstagram feature account has their own style and preference of photo, and it's helpful to look at pictures that have gotten chosen. Sometimes I notice that accounts pick pictures with new ideas or angles. (Although it always is a surprise whenever we do get a feature... It can seem unpredictable at times!)

List of Feature Accounts

Below you'll find a list of bookstagram feature accounts, although I'm sure that they're more out there!

@bookstagramfeatures -- Possibly the largest bookstagram feature account with 108k followers!
@booksoutofdoors -- A personal favorite, this bookstagram feature account is specifically for outdoor pictures.
@bookish.features -- A feature account for a variety of picture types with 62.9k followers.
@thefinchbook -- A feature account with over 7k followers mainly for indoor photography.
@bookfeatured -- Another feature account for a variety of picture types.
@bookworm_insta -- Although smaller, it still is a good feature account.
@that.bookish.bookworm -- Even though it is a smaller account with less than 1k followers, it's still a way to get your content out there.
@starsofbookstagram -- Another smaller one, but still a great opportunity!

With that, I wish you the best of luck with your bookstagram journey! And who knows? Maybe you'll get a feature in the near future! Keep it up!

[Read below for an explanation on my absence on here and the bookstagram.]

Hello, everyone. I'm assuming that those of you reading this post follow us on our bookstagram, since this post and this whole blog series is about bookstagramming. Assuming this to be true, I would first like to apologize for the long period of inactivity there that began around the same time as the inactivity on the blog. I promise that we will try to get on top of things there. I would also like to apologize for my absence on the blog. But, as you can see, I'm trying to fix that as well. I hope you can understand and continue to stick with me. The journey's been amazing so far.


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