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Movie Adaptations: The Light Between Oceans

On September 2nd, The Light Between Oceans started to be shown in movie theaters. I saw it the same day, a handful of months after reading and falling in love with the novel by M. L. Steadman in which the movie was based on.

I think that the movie was a very good adaptation of the book. Sure, there were a few things that were changed, but I feel like not too much was lost in the movie.

Some things that were changed I didn't mind all that much (such as cutting down on the time that was spent with Tom in jail and the whole confusing grieving period of time for Isabel, Hannah, and Lucy Grace), but other things, while they may seem small and not that important at all, were important to me. For instance, in the movie, there was only two crosses for two babies, not three. I think that having three makes it more understandable for Isabel to be so upset that she decides to keep a random baby that washed up on the shore.

I was also upset with the smaller roles of Ralph and Bluey in the movie. In the book, they have more of an importance. Sure, Bluey is still the one that realizes the whole thing with the baby rattle, but what about the talk Tom had with Ralph about doing bad things and fixing them? I feel like that played a large part in his guilt, which of course led to the rattle and all of that craziness.

There's also a few parts that were shortened or not included most likely for time purposes, but I wish that those changes did not have to be made. The part towards the beginning of the book where Tom first met Isabel when she was feeding the birds (a part which I think shows who they are well) was cut out, although you can see her feeding the birds for a second or two. Their whole story of how they grew to become close was even more rushed than in the book, which just made it seem ridiculous at that point. Tom's backstory was pretty much completely wiped out, as well as the whole thing with his dad and being a father (which I loved). Oh, and there's also all of those great times with Lucy that were made into a little bit with scenes tied together with music. (Which, I must admit, was a good way of showing it.)

Still, I really did enjoy the movie. At some parts I felt like I was reading the book, they were so similar! Nothing seemed too new and I think that it was one of the best movie adaptations I've ever seen, in terms of representing the book. However, I think it really only showed one side of the book, but I would need to see the movie again to be sure.


  1. I agree. When you love a book, it can be upsetting when major parts of the book are changed!

  2. I agree. When you love a book, it can be upsetting when major parts of the book are changed!


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