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March 2016 Reflection

Hello everyone! I've seen posts like these on other blogs, and decided to do one on here too! Some people call it a wrap-up for the month, others call it an overview, but here at Reading is Inevitable, we'll call it a reflection. Not only will I reflect on what has happened this March, but I will also give you all a sneak peek of what might come in April!

This is a calendar of March that shows events for Reading is
Inevitable. Important dates include the 12th (birth of the blog!),
 the 14th (first book review), and the 26th (highest number of likes
on Instagram at 32 likes). Note: This calendar was last updated
on the 30th of March. May be slightly inaccurate.

Looking Back Into March

Creating Reading is Inevitable
March was a big month for us (Em and myself, Julia) at Reading is Inevitable! After all, on March 12, 2016, we started a little blog called Reading is Inevitable. The next day, the 13th of March, our first post (Welcome) on the blog. Then, on the 14th, my first post ("Book Review: In the Shadow of Man") was published, and on the 18th, Em's first post ("Book Review: Never Always Sometimes") was posted.

We also started an Instagram page on the same day that we made Reading is Inevitable and joined the Bookstagram community. 

Blogging Struggles
Both of these big events taught me something important: this is hard stuff! 

Running a blog takes the time to plan and write. Pictures are a big part of attracting readers, and are definitely needed for social media, adding more time for photo shoots and editing. (I'm lucky to have Em to take such amazing photos for me!) Overall, there's a lot of time and work that needs to be put into a blog, and you still need to deal with the struggles of life and blogging slumps (I hate those!).

I've also learned that being a member of the Bookstagram community and creating a successful Instagram account is difficult. We only have a total of 31 followers (we are also constantly losing followers) and the highest number of likes we have gotten on a post is 32. I've really started to appreciate the work of bloggers.

Not only did I learn that getting readers was hard, but I also realized the struggles of writing a blog. Whenever I'm blogging, I wonder, What should I write about? How should I present my information? There are also those hard times when inspiration or motivation just won't come.

Luckily, I have many examples of good blogs and bookstagram pages to help me. (Thank-you all so much!)

Blogging Fun
But in the end, who really cares about the number of followers or pageviews? We're doing this to share the things that we love. We will still be doing that whether it be with 20 people or 1,000. There really isn't much of a difference. This is still a blog. This is still a post. Actually, we may be a bit lucky in the way that we don't have as much pressure put on us!

I have also enjoyed working with Em. There have been some small arguments now and then (picture taking led to one, for example), but for the most part, we have grown closer. I can recall some weekend nights just sitting with her, both of us on our computers, blogging. There is usually music playing in the background, and one night we had snacks. It's always fun, and we'll talk to each other in between writing and updating our social media page.

We have some good memories, from having fun taking pictures to laughing when my jeans' belt loop got caught on the drawer knob. (I was kneeling to take a picture, and when I got up...yeah.) While I hope that this blog grows, I am fine with it staying small if it means that I get to spend more time with Em.

Favorite Posts
My favorite post of Em's was "Book
 Review: Never Always Sometimes".
In March we posted six blog posts on Reading is Inevitable. The top posts that you, our readers, liked were our welcome post and my book review on In the Shadow of Man, but probably only because those were our first posts.* However, I have my own favorites.

This is a picture from my
 post "Zentangle".
My favorite post that Em wrote is her first one, "Book Review: Never Always Sometimes", not because there is a main character with my name (Julia), but because I connected with the sentence, "And if you are thinking this is just your average teen novel then you'd be wrong." (I hardly give teen novels a chance at times...especially if they are romance!)

My favorite post that I wrote would have to be my most recent one, "Zentangle", which published this Monday. I loved sharing my love for Zentangle with you all, and I think that by including some of my own art in there, the post was more visually pleasing. Perhaps you were disappointed that it didn't have to do with reading, but I had a blast writing the post!
*I am trying to get a more accurate response. That is why I have created the poll on the side of the page. I will also post a picture on our Instagram page where you may vote. Please submit an answer!

Coming Up in April

Okay, so enough of the boring stuff that most of you probably don't care about! Let's see what will be happening for Reading is Inevitable in April!
"Book Review: I'll Give You the Sun"
is publishing tomorrow, the 1st of April

Book Reviews
"Book Review: In the Time of the
Butterflies" will be publishing
on the 11th of April.
So far we have three planned book reviews for April, and there will probably be more to come! (Em just recently finished reading This is Where the World Ends, so there will most likely be a book review on that too!) Our first book review of April will be publishing tomorrow. Have you heard of the books I'll Give You the Sun, In the Time of the Butterflies, or Bud, Not Buddy? Not sure if you should read them? Don't worry: because you'll see reviews on them sometimes in April!

Opinion Post: Yes or No?
Okay, I'm not actually asking if you all want an opinion post, I was just making a pun of sorts. (Get it? Because it's an opinion post?) After pondering on the idea for quite a while, I have finally decided to write an opinion post. After all, they are rather fun and it's interesting to see different viewpoints! However, I will not tell you what the topic is. That's a surprise! 

What to do on a Reading Break
I know that some of you may not want to admit it, but we all need a break from reading at some point. We must put the book down and take a breather. But what should we do? I'll tell you what you can do...on the 4th of April. Think you can wait that long?

Wednesday Posts?

Em and I were thinking that once we have a fair amount of traffic to this blog, that we would also post on Wednesdays too. We are having a good amount of traffic to our blog, but it might be too difficult to write so many posts. It is not official yet and we are not sure when we will start doing this, but I suppose that it is possible that we start sometime in April. There will still be announcements on our Instagram page, so do not worry about having to check!

What Else?
Other than that, we don't have any other posts planned yet for April. Of course, if any of you have any ideas for a post (a topic to cover, a type of post, etc.), we would be happy to hear them!

"Book Review: I'll Give You the Sun" is now published, and to read it, click here.
"Book Review: In the Time of the Butterflies" is also published, and to read it, click here.
To see other monthly reflections, click here. Or, you can read the next monthly reflection, April 2016 Reflection.


  1. Love this post! Your comment about your jeans made me giggle! I am glad that you and Em have been sharing some fun times together creating this blog! :)


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