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July 2016 Reflection

Happy August, everyone! As of today, July is now over, and that means that it is time for a monthly reflection!

If this is your first time reading one of our monthly reflections, be sure to check out our monthly reflection tag later. I'll also explain to you what we do in our monthly reflections. We have monthly reflections so that we can reflect and look back on how the blog and it's Instagram page did during the month. It helps to give us an idea of what we're doing right, or what we're doing wrong. We also give you guys a look into what's to come in the next month.

That being said, let's begin! I really do think that August was a good month for us, so let's hope that this reflection looks good!

Looking Back Into July

The Blog
July was great for the blog. Our pageviews for the month went up, continuing our sudden increase that started last month in June. We got 102 more pageviews in July than in June and it increased by about 34% percent. Hopefully in our August 2016 Reflection, I'll say for the third time in a row that our pageviews increased.

Something that is bad is that some of the posts published this month got a low amount of pageviews, despite the high number of overall pageviews to the blog. The thing that is really interesting about this is that these two posts are book reviews. Usually, filler posts will get less views, and book reviews will get more. That means that people weren't interested enough to actually go and view the post. "Book Review: How Many Letters Are in Goodbye?" only got five pageviews, and "Book Review: Being Jazz" got four. (Although I did post the latter late.)

Not only did I successfully complete the #sammyreadsjuly16 photo challenge, but we also managed to gain some followers. I am unsure of the exact number of followers we had back in June, but I do know that it was a little over 100, and we are now at 182 followers! Might not be amazing for four and a half months of being on bookstagram, but we are slowly getting there. Heh heh. (Hopefully we will reach 200 in August!)

Okay! It's time to see if I completed the goals I set for myself back in June. The bad thing is, I never really remember the goals I set for myself after two weeks or so, so I never really know if I did it or not! Maybe I should make it a goal to check my goals! In June, I made the following goals:

Now did I complete these goals?

  1. Yes! I did! We don't have all book reviews, of course, for that would be very difficult to pull off. (Especially since Em and I are kinda slow readers.) However, they are book related, and I find them to be interesting. So I'll give it a yes.
  2. This month, all of the pictures are mine except for two that Em took. So, yeah: I think that I definitely took more of my own pictures.
  3. I succeeded! Finally! She actually wrote two posts this month! And she also said that she wants to take pictures again! Yay! So there's a very good chance that you'll see some of her pictures for our August photo challenge, which I'll get to in a bit.

Coming Up in August

The Blog
Sigh. Just like last month, I don't have much planned. My apologies! It just seems like time is passing by so quickly! Where has the summer gone? Does anyone else feel this way? Anyway, moving on, I do have some things planned. For instance, there's the bookshelf tour that I have promised to do in both June and July. I'll try to get around to it this month. I also will make a one month bullet journal update post, for anyone who is interested in that. Hopefully there will also be a book review on The Goldfinch. I just hope that I finish it. It is such a big book! Other than that, I really don't have anything planned. At all. I am hoping that Em will write a few posts (please!). I'm sure that I can figure something out, though.

So for this month I have picked out a really creative, fun, and challenging photo challenge to do. I have picked the #challengeBookamajig photo challenge created by the bookstagrammers @booksthetics, @readsleepfangirl, @alittlebookworld, and @booknerd_reads.

Also, Em said that she would help me out with the pictures this month. She will take some pictures on her fancy camera (so hopefully there will be a better quality!) and will be editing them, too.

Goals for August
Ever since April or so, we have created goals for ourselves. My goals for August are the following:

  1. Keep track of my goals. Every month, I remember my goals for two weeks or so, and then I forget about them and don't make an effort to complete them. This month, I want to keep my goals in mind.
  2. Make a bookshelf tour post. I have been wanting to do this one for a while now, yet I haven't done it yet! I don't want to continue to break my promise, so I'll try to make sure to do it this month. If I don't, I don't know if I'll ever do it.
  3. Have a better feed. Let's be honest: our feed on Instagram doesn't look that good. It's not organized and does not look very appealing. So, in August, I want to have something that ties the pictures together. I think that this will be something about the editing, whether it be bold colors, a little washed out, bright, or dark. I think Em will want bold colors, though.

And that wraps up our July 2016 Reflection! July has been a fun and successful 4th full month on the blog! I hope that you continue to enjoy our blog. Happy reading, everyone!


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