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Book Review: Beautiful Creatures

Title: Beautiful Creatures
Author: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Genre: Romantic Fantasy?
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Reviewer: Julia

to read Beautiful Creatures

Fate certainly plays a large role in this book. Every character in this book deals with fate, but if anyone deals with it the most, that would have to be Lena Duchannes. After all, she's the one who will be Claimed on her 16th birthday by the Light or the Dark, whether she likes it or not. There's no way that she can escape her fate, whatever it may be. And she's convinced that she will turn Dark.

But Ethan won't let that happen.

Ethan? Who's Ethan, you ask? He's just the teenage boy who has lived in the town of Gatlin his entire life, and is desperately itching to get out of it; to go somewhere new. The thing is, nothing new ever happens in Gatlin. Nothing is unexpected. That is, until Lena moves into town. Ethan is instantly drawn to her due to this factor, but is it possible that something more than that is pulling them together?

I don't normally read fantasy books or romance books, but I enjoyed this book, and this one was both. The romance, though small, was still a little too much for me! I doubt that it will be too much for most teens, all are romance-lovers, not that there's anything wrong with that! As for the fantasy part, I think that it was just the right amount for someone not so used to reading fantasy. This book had magic and other make-believe things (or real things, for all of you believers), but still a good amount of theme and lessons for me!

Why should read this book? You mean other than the interesting plot, romance, and fantasy? Well, I liked a theme found in the book, there was some great poetry, it's a part of a series, even my social studies/history (whichever you prefer) teacher loves the book and series, and there's a movie adaptation of it. I actually have seen the movie, and let me tell you this: the book was better.


Don't like this book? Perhaps you will like Audacity:
"One of the reasons why I loved this book so much was because...It is written in free verse! When books are written in free verse they are always so beautiful! The same goes for this book. I always love to read the poems and to think about them (there is usually something more behind poems). I also liked to notice the patterns in the lines of free verse. 
Clearly, the structure of the book certainly made it much more enjoyable for me. Still, I liked it for other reasons, such as the story itself. The book is about Clara Lemlich, who is a determined young Jewish woman. In the beginning of the novel, she lives in Russia with her family. She plays the role that is expected of her, but..." Read more


  1. I really should read this book -- I already LOVE the movie!


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